I think it’s safe to assume that it’s most photographer’s dream to open a studio, at least it has been mine for many many years. I think the desire to have a studio is born partly out of a real requirement for space; be it high ceilings or open areas but also the appeal to validate everything you’ve done over the years. It’s as if having somewhere to display and


Sep 2014


Depending on the type of photography you’re interested in, ambient light is either something to be encouraged, overpowered, killed or balanced. In all scenarios though you’re guaranteed that there will be some, so you’ve got no choice but to deal with it. In a lot of cases this is easier said than done. Such was the case at Vicki & James’ wedding reception party that I shot recently. Backtracking slightly, what

My primary camera body is a Nikon D4 and I LOVE it. The D4 has it all from framerate, auto-focus speed through to fantastic tonal range. What it doesn’t have in abundance is pixels. Anyone that knows photography knows that the mega-pixel count is normally a null subject when compared to optical quality. However! If you could combine optical quality WITH oodles of pixels then you’d have something special. The


Jan 2013


Not so long ago I was privileged enough to act as best-man for my brother. The twist was that the wedding was to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now aside from the logistical horrors of carting two young children around the globe and dealing with thirteen hours of flying, I was naturally honoured and excited. As the event drew closer I started thinking of questions about what I’d need