Our Studio In A Nutshell....

We are proud of our studio and we believe it offers a lot to photographers and videographers alike. This section of our site explains a bit about our studio, our equipment and our pricing model. To whet your appetite here are some highlights!

18th Century Barn

Our studio is within an 18th century barn set in acres of fields just outside Findon Valley, which is just north of Worthing.

900+ Square Feet

We offer over 900 square feet of open-plan space that provides an airy place to shoot, chat, teach and present.

Equipment Galore

Users of our studio can enjoy the use of flash and continuous lighting as well as a range of modifiers and props (see below for details).

Cyclorama / Infinity Cove

At over 4 metres high we are proud of our cyclorama. It is dual-use; being able to be act as an infinity cove for high-key shots as well as a green screen for video or compositing.

Videographers Welcome!

A portion of our cyclorama is dedicated to chroma-key work and is painted in a high quality, high luminescence paint for color saturation and keying effects.

Backdrops Aplenty

If our cyclorama doesn't float your boat then we have many other backdrops available including paper-rolls, fabric and vinyl.

Client Presentation Area

We have a client presentation area with comfy sofa, mobile flat-screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities to make your clients feel at home.

Workshop Friendly

As our studio is open plan it makes a perfect places for workshops or classes. Use our whiteboard and/or tethered monitor to demonstrate whilst you shoot!

Changing Facilities

We have incorporated a changing room into our studio, complete with the prerequisite Hollywood style mirror! Perfect for changing or make-up work.

Free Wifi

No modern space would be compete without the use of secure wifi backed up by fast broadband.

Free Parking

We have free parking available to our studio users and clients, all without the hustle and bustle of town centre traffic or level-crossings.

Wheelchair Friendly

All of our space is on a single level and is easily reached by wheelchair users. Just in case our single door is a little narrow we also have large double-doors on the front.

Primarily we use Lencarta lighting in our studio. Our main flash heads (strobes) consist of five Lencarta SuperFast units.

  • 2x SuperFast 600W
  • 2x SuperFast 300W
  • 1x SuperFast Pro 400W

These flash heads are extremely versatile because they utilise IGBT technology to produce flash durations that are incredibly short. This allows us to freeze any sort of action such as jumping, dancing and even bursting balloons! Unlike conventional flash heads the flash duration becomes increasingly shorter as the power is reduced.

For continuous lighting we have several Lencarta Quadlight units with softboxes to keep the videographers happy!

We have multiple Lencarta hotshoe commanders to control our studio lights via radio signal. This allows each light to have it’s power and functions independently controlled as well as being triggered individually or in a group. This eliminates the need to adjust settings manually on the back of the unit. We also have triggers to allow HSS functions on the SuperFast Pro head should you wish to use it. Of course we also have many manual sync cables for triggering!

Our studio is equipped with numerous stands, softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots, booms and tripods. This is along with a collection of clamps, arms, ties and other rigging gizmos! To make use of our open space and high ceiling we have a large Manfrotto geared ‘Super Boom’ on a movable stand to help you light or shoot from any kind of conceivable angle.

We have a selection of props including signs, baskets, blankets, materials, cushions and more!

Our custom built cyclorama is over four metres high and is wide enough for large group shots. It allows for high-key shots but also chroma-key (green). For additional backdrops we have a selection of paper rolls that can be mounted high on the cyclorama to allow for high angled shots. We also have many printed material and vinyl scenes to choose from.

Our Equipment

This is some of the equipment that is available to use in our studio when hired. Someone will be on hand to give you guidance on all of the equipment during your session. All of our equipment is well maintained and looked after, all we ask is that you look after it too! We are constantly adding to our equipment so please do get in touch if you're looking for something specific.

Take A Peek!

Get in touch and come and take a tour!

Studio Hire Pricing

We'd like to think that we cater for everyone when it comes to our photography services, but the same could also be said of our studio offering. Whether you are a seasoned pro needing a regular studio slot or a part time hobbyist just looking to tinker with lighting, we have something for you. Our pricing model is shown below and is hopefully easy to understand. The more you use the cheaper it gets. Everyone hiring our studio will need to agree to our terms and conditions which also detail our expectations of fair use. If you'd like to know more or have any questions then please do get in touch.

£20Per Hour

Occasional User

  • 1 Hour of studio hire (Minimum 2 hours per booking).
  • Use of all studio lights
  • modifiers and props.
  • Perfect for hobbyists or those wanting studio experience.
  • No ongoing commitment.
  • Book Now

£90Per Month

Regular User

  • 6 Hours of studio hire per calendar month (Minimum 2 hours per booking).
  • Use of all studio lights
  • modifiers and props.
  • Great for photographers needing regular studio access.
  • Monthly agreement with no long term commitment.
  • Book Now

£POAPer Month

Super User

  • Want an entire exclusive day every week?
  • Limited availability of super user slots.
  • Use of all studio lights
  • modifiers and props.
  • Suitable for professional photographers needing reoccurring studio and equipment access.
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